Anorexia’s Deadly Deceit



I decided to write an article on anorexia from an anthropological perspective, but with a broader audience in mind than academia. Having been through the ebbs and flows of anorexia nervosa as a young adult, and outraged by the ways in which academics, medical professionals and the media silence those with anorexia, I have come to realize that we are more than just avatars on Tumblr; reposting the same images, quotes and fears. We have different trajectories and reasons for developing the disorder, and simply whitewashing it as the fault of media and advertising ignores the lived experiences of anorexics. However, I wished to go further and show how “treatments” for the disease encourage rather than erase anorexic behaviours. It was one of the hardest pieces of work I have ever written (and I had to do a 15,000 word dissertation as a measly undergraduate!) But enough words: I hope I’ve written something you can chew over for a long time.

Anorexia’s Deadly Deceit

Posted by ETE’s Regular Contributor: Cherry Jackson




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