Being outside of Afghanistan: an interdisciplinary workshop 28-29 July, 2016 at Oxford University


This two-day international, interdisciplinary workshop explores what migration and belonging mean to Afghans in diverse transitory and destination settings across the globe including Europe, North America, the Eastern Mediterranean and Iran. The workshop is unique in bringing together historical research on Afghan migration together with analyses of contemporary trends such as the recent ‘migration crisis’.

The workshop focuses on processes of social becoming, self‐construction and resource mobilisation in contexts of exile and prolonged displacement.

We welcome participation from academic and non-academic audiences.

The workshop is convened by Dr. Carolin Fischer (University of Neuchâtel), Dr. Esra Kaytaz (Coventry University) and Dr. Zuzanna Olszewska (University of Oxford) with the generous support of the St. John’s College Research Centre, the University of Oxford’s John Fell Fund, and the administrative support of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

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