Children’s literature and good read: Kelly finds a way


Dr. Christal Daehnert’s new book ‘Kelly finds a way’ is a wonderful story for children which discusses important themes like curiosity, resiliency,  imagination, determination and exploration. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Daehnert’s website on the reasons for writing this book:

I have had a long-standing interest in the value of children’s literature in fostering the emotional, intellectual, moral and relational development of children.  

Through an innovative use of a child’s imagination, combining elements of realistic as well as imaginary spaces, several universal developmental themes are explored.  These include a little girl’s fascination with the feminine adult world of her mother, as well as the process by which resiliency, competence and self-esteem can be created through encountering obstacles and developing strategies to master these challenges.  Also emphasized, and equally universal, is the importance of a secure parent-child bond in fostering a child’s curiosity, insight and desire for growth and expansion of the self.

It is my hope that this picture book will not only provide a rich and compelling story for children, but also convey ideas that are symbolically meaningful for the development of the child.  As such, the book is appropriate not only for the general parent-child population, but its depth lends itself for use in educational and therapeutic settings as well.

More information on ‘Kelly finds a way’ can be found here.


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