Upcoming conference on Chess in Education from 30 September to 2 October 2016


The conference on the “Theoretical and Practical Issues of Chess Education in Schools” is being held from 30 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016 and is now available: http://iccs2016.chessacademy.am/

The conference will focus on the practical values of chess in main stream education
(http://iccs2016.chessacademy.am/node/3) and is organised under the auspices of the Chess Academy of Armenia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, cooperating with FIDE, the Armenian Chess Federation, and the Armenian State Pedagogical University. The conference is to take place on 30 September (arrival day) – 3 October (departure day) 2016 at the “Russia hotel” in Tsaghkadzor, Republic of Armenia.

The main conference topics will include:
*   Chess Education and Personality Development
*   Socio-psychological issues of Chess Education
*   Chess Teachers’ Training and Professional Development
*   Technological and Methodological Aspects of Chess Education
*   Chess and Inclusive Education Practices


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