About the site

ETE is a creative global news source based near Oxford University designed to help early researchers, journalists and writers publish their findings to an open forum. We’re always looking for educational material either in the form of journal articles, travel writing, conference papers, opinion pieces, interviews, book reviews and even film. We accept a range of material on a variety of topics and even include articles that have been published in other journals. Our hope through this site is to help early career individuals get their foot through the door by providing them with a free open forum to publish their new and/or existing work to a broader audience.

For those submitting pre-existing work, we ask is that those individuals verify whether they have permission to publish their work onto our website before sending us their material. In some cases, we may ask for email verification from the journal’s editor itself.

In addition, we also accept papers in a variety of languages but ask that if you are going to publish an item that is not in English, that you write a small abstract in English describing the themes of your paper before we put it on the website. Material that is sent in French or Italian can be edited for content only, not for grammar.

Articles that are written specifically for ETE must not exceed 1000 words. Papers that have been published in other journals, however, are not required to have a word limit.

If you would like to inform us of an upcoming conference, presentation or a call for papers, feel free to post the information directly onto our Facebook page and we’ll add the information to our website accordingly.

You can follow us on twitter @ExploreTEducateFacebook, our YouTube Channel or listen to our podcast series ‘Coffee & Cocktails’.




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